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3D Artists
Alexey KuznetsovAlexey Kuznetsov
3d character artist with stunning skills including realtime model making
Alp AltinerAlp Altiner
concept & digital matte painter, 3d modeler for film and commercials, comic artist and graphics designer
Arseniy Chebynkin - ArsXCArseniy Chebynkin - ArsXC
this russian guy have an amazing 3d modeling skills and good eye for details
this guy did fantastic sprites for Ragnarok Online as well as personal paintings and 3d models
Craig ClarkCraig Clark
cg modeler & artist at Ark VFX, work varied from hi poly to low poly modelling... good stuff!
David GiraudDavid Giraud
digital artist from Canada with increadible 3d modelling skills, he did some stuff for Assassins Creed videogame
Dmitriy Kuznetsov (Daemon3d)Dmitriy Kuznetsov (Daemon3d)
hi and low poly 3d modeler with strong skills including next-gen stuff
Eric HansonEric Hanson
20 years experience with 3d graphics for film, graphics and architecture, also teaching advanced Maya classes
Eugene FokinEugene Fokin
great 3d character artist, worked on TimeShift videogame
Fausto De MartiniFausto De Martini
former brazilian guy now 3d modeler lead in Blizzard Cinematic department
Francisco CortinaFrancisco Cortina
this guy rocks! amazing work on digital humans from FFIX up to Aki (FF Spirits Within) and beyond
Hai PhanHai Phan
concept artist, 3d modeler and texture painter for Guild Wars series
Han dae-hoon [Graphic Factory]Han dae-hoon [Graphic Factory]
graphic designer, 3d modeler and illustrator from Korea
Henry Pashkov - StrannikHenry Pashkov - Strannik
3d modeler and designer from Russia with great passion for sci-fi vehicles
Hyun Kyung Up - XcomicXHyun Kyung Up - XcomicX
strong korean illustrator, modeler, designer and animator, he did Magna Carta cinematics
Hyun-hee Lee - DigieyesHyun-hee Lee - Digieyes
cool korean artist and 3d modeler doing mostly sci-fi stuff and girls
incise soulincise soul
japanese artist with great images of cute cgi girls, sometimes too ecchi sometimes too cute.
James Hawkins - hawkpreyJames Hawkins - hawkprey
concept designer and modeler at Epic Games, did fantastic job on Gears of War character and vehicle design
Jeremy CookJeremy Cook
matte painter and modeler at Industrial Light & Magic
Jinwoo LeeJinwoo Lee
amazing modeler & digital sculptor from New Zealand
Jung won ParkJung won Park
great 3D character modeling & illustration from korean talent
Jung-seung HongJung-seung Hong
creature modeling supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic, he actually modeled Davy Jones
kjun & 97bzokjun & 97bzo
Hyung Jun Kim (kjun) and Eun hee choi (97bzo) are one of the best 3d modelers on planet
Kyoshi HaradaKyoshi Harada
japanese 3d modeler doing fantastic job on historically accurate cg planes... must see!
Michael LevinMichael Levin
skilled in hard surface 3d modeling, make sure to check his personal works (3D computer graphics section)
Moon, Yeun Jeong [Dana]Moon, Yeun Jeong [Dana]
Dana is not just a girl but 3D character modeler and texture artist for games
Rene MorelRene Morel
great 3d modeler, creator of Amazonsoul - adult comic series completed in 3d
Ronnie Olsthoorn - Skyraider3DRonnie Olsthoorn - Skyraider3D
3d artist from the Netherlands, working in the UK, freelance aviation artist & airshow photographer
Ruan JiaRuan Jia
fantastic digital painter and concept artist from China... amazing stuff really!
Ryan DuncanRyan Duncan
credits include Night Elf from WoW cinematics, Guild Wars cinematic character modelling etc. cool guy eh?
korean 3d master, stunning work on ZerA: Imperan Intrigue characters
Soanala [소아나라]Soanala [소아나라]
Soa Lee\'s 3D character illustration world : 3D 디자이너 이소아의 개인 홈페이지입니다
Stefan MorrellStefan Morrell
he is doing an amazing work with environments: future cities, labs, temples... very cool stuff
Steve JubinvilleSteve Jubinville
3d character artist from Ubisoft, worked on Prince of Persia and other games... good stuff!
Steve TylerSteve Tyler
freelance 2d/3d artist & designer with mad skills in space ships and tech stuff modeling
Steven GieslerSteven Giesler
fantastic digital sculptor, created Dawn fairy for NVidia and Akis body for Final Fantasy movie
Steven Hägg-StåhlbergSteven Hägg-Ståhlberg
probably one of the most known aritsts in cg industry and fantastic 3d modeler
Sze JonesSze Jones
character modeling supervisor at Blur Studio
Taras SkorobruhTaras Skorobruh
great character artist with very strong 3d modeling and digital sculpting skills
Tochy [ Suppon ]Tochy [ Suppon ]
fantastic japanese aircraft modeler, make sure to check his animations - digital warbird show!
Vadim MakarenkoVadim Makarenko
creating really nice ingame and hipoly 3d characters as well as game models... good stuff!
Valery PlaksinValery Plaksin
he is a real monster in 3d techical modelling armed with stunning imagination as well
Witch 3DWitch 3D
this korean girl doing amazing dolls and cg models (look at Magna Carta gallery)
Xia TaptaraXia Taptara
conceptual artist & 3d character artist for Guild Wars series

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