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ALIEN1452 blogALIEN1452 blog
once again mad korean alien!
Andrei RiabovitchevAndrei Riabovitchev
great russian concept artist working in animation and videogames industry, wonderful sence of colors!
Armand SerranoArmand Serrano
feature animation environmental designer, visual development and layout journeyman
online science fiction art magazine - links to sci-fi artists and their works, references, books, movies
BLAK - Kei Liwanag Art BlogBLAK - Kei Liwanag Art Blog
Kei is an artist from the Philippines, her neat works have been published in various books like Exotique
concept centralconcept central
neat blog about modern visual culture by Chris K
Costume GET!Costume GET!
this weblog by Wataru Maruyama discusses the finer points of videogame character costumes
Flight (comics)Flight (comics)
comics anthology series edited by Kazu Kibuishi, showcasing young and innovative artists and writers.
russian traditional artist Alexander Podgorniy
Grigory LozinskyGrigory Lozinsky
just a fanastic painter with amazing skills... do not miss!
I Draw GirlsI Draw Girls
how to draw girls step by step and video online free tutorials - weblog by Xia Taptara, Guild Wars conceptual artist
blog of my old friend and hella talented artist
great blog by JC Barnett about life and video game development in Japan
Jason Chan ArtJason Chan Art
personal blog of Jason Chan, digital artist from Massive Black studio
russian comic artist and illustrator Alexander Eremin
Lim Jong-Hee ★JJ의 잡상노트★Lim Jong-Hee ★JJ의 잡상노트★
korean illustrator and conceptual artist for mmorpg Lineage II, images for games and just doodles
in this blog you can witness the creation process of manga mini-series and virtual world called Mechtechs
Parka BlogsParka Blogs
here you\'ll find art related stuff and reviews of various art books in a clean, fluff-free fashion
Paul LasainePaul Lasaine
Production Designer at DreamWorks Animation, Art Director on the Lord of the Rings trilogy... very good blog!
Peter BaustaedterPeter Baustaedter
working in visual effects since 1995, great matte painter and digital artist
Scribble PadScribble Pad
art and blog of James Paick - concept artist for game developement with tons of enviro stuff
the gang of fantastic Guild Wars conceptual artists and painters from ArenaNet, tons of work to learn and be inspired
Steve PavlinaSteve Pavlina
fantastic blog not about art but personal development for smart people - you can digg hella tons of ideas from Steve posts
The Art DepartmentThe Art Department
terrific blog by Irene Gallo (art director at Tor, Forge and Starscape Books) where she talks about illustration and art direction
Valery KovalValery Koval
freelance storyboard and conceptual artist, traditional animation
Viki Yeo - 비키여 :: 네이버 블로그:Viki Yeo - 비키여 :: 네이버 블로그:
3d modeler and designer from Korea, she pays great attention to details
Bienvenue sur mon Blog! great artist with fantastic fluent lines and colors in his works... amazing stuff!
Xiangyuan JieXiangyuan Jie
traditional painter, background stylist and visual development artist for Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch, Brother Bear and Ice Age 2

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