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Adam Hughes - AH!Adam Hughes - AH!
comic artist with really really mad skills just look at his ladies (like Lara Croft or Catwoman)
Aleksi BriclotAleksi Briclot
concept artist and art director in the videogame industry, an illustrator for books, magazines and a comic book artist
Alex HorleyAlex Horley
Italian illustrator known for fantasy art, science fiction, horror paintings and comic book art
Alex RossAlex Ross
American comic book painter, illustrator and plotter, acclaimed for the photorealism of his work
Arantza SestayoArantza Sestayo
good painter and comic strips creator with good style and sence of humor
Armando HuertaArmando Huerta
pinup artist from Mexico known for his extreme paintings of women
Ashley WoodAshley Wood
doing a lot of traditional and digital stuff including Metal Gear Solid comic
Aurore DemillyAurore Demilly
french comic artist and illustrator doing nice things in manga style
Barbucci & CanepaBarbucci & Canepa
Sky Doll and Witch comics creators with very fluent lines and vibrant colors... dont miss it!
this french guy have an unique vision in concept design and comics
Evgeny GusevEvgeny Gusev
modern russian comic book artist and illustrator
Francis TsaiFrancis Tsai
good digital artist, designer and comic book creator
Frank ChoFrank Cho
American comic strip and comic book creator, writer and illustrator, best known for his series Liberty Meadows
Gez FryGez Fry
half British, half Japanese illustrator & concept artist based in Tokyo, very fluent works
Greg HornGreg Horn
best known for his artwork on MARVEL COMICS titles ELEKTRA, EMMA FROST, and SHE-HULK... cool stuff!
James JeanJames Jean
artist and illustrator worked on many things with a stylized twist
Jim MurrayJim Murray
very cool illustrator and comic artist
Jo ChenJo Chen
she is one of my favourite artists, I learn a lot from her videogame and comic works
Jose Madureira - Joe Mad!Jose Madureira - Joe Mad!
comic book artist & writer, best known for his work on Marvel Comics Uncanny X-Men and Battle Chasers
Joseph Michael LinsnerJoseph Michael Linsner
artist and creator of DAWN, a modern take on classic earth Goddess mythology
Juan GimenezJuan Gimenez
an Argentine comic book artist famous for the extreme attention to technical and historical details
Kseniya Dmitrieva - PinkLandKseniya Dmitrieva - PinkLand
young russian artist & illustrator with very smooth style, vibrant colors and shapes
Liuba Zelinskaya - Art For JoyLiuba Zelinskaya - Art For Joy
young and passionate artist from Moldova with very bright imagination
Luis RoyoLuis Royo
legendary artist best known for his twisted fantasy erotic works
Massimiliano FrezzatoMassimiliano Frezzato
italian comic artist creator of Keepers of the Maser series
russian artist & illustrator armed with watercolors, airbrush and great passion for cats! she inspired me a lot
Paolo Eleuteri SerpieriPaolo Eleuteri Serpieri
italian comic book artist, creator of Druuna famous science fiction graphic novell
Peter RiverstonePeter Riverstone
artist with very special comic style, most of his works are only for adults
Philippe BuchetPhilippe Buchet
comic book artist, creator of Sillage series doing fantastic stuff with ink and cg
Reinaldo Quintero - REIQReinaldo Quintero - REIQ
digital artist with great passion for girls.. errr... comics!
Roman SurjenkoRoman Surjenko
russian artist and illustrator, in comics prefer to work in realistic european style
Simon BisleySimon Bisley
British comic book artist best known for his 1990s work on ABC Warriors, Lobo and Sláine
Steve Fastner &  Rich LarsonSteve Fastner & Rich Larson
artists and illustrators working in comic style, they painted tons of naughty girls so far
Udon CrewUdon Crew
a bunch of cool dudez with tons of sweet stuff from Street Fighter to Warcraft universe
Vicente SegrellesVicente Segrelles
spanish artist, author of the graphic novels The Mercenary
Vincent DutraitVincent Dutrait
french illustrator known for his prolific work in the role playing industry, created many illustrations, artbooks and comics for both European and Asian clients
Yukito Kishiro - Yuki TopiaYukito Kishiro - Yuki Topia
a website of japanese artist, creator of popular GUNNM manga aka Battle Angel Alita

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