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Digital & matte painters
Aleksi BriclotAleksi Briclot
concept artist and art director in the videogame industry, an illustrator for books, magazines and a comic book artist
Alp AltinerAlp Altiner
concept & digital matte painter, 3d modeler for film and commercials, comic artist and graphics designer
Andrew JonesAndrew Jones
one of the founders of CONCEPTART.ORG and creative director at Massive Black, fantastic guy
Andrey Maximov - AndeadAndrey Maximov - Andead
this guy have a real passion for space and sci-fi, he also like visualizing vast fantasy realms
Anry NemoAnry Nemo
well known russian digital artist and illustrator, now working in his own game studio .dat
Ben ProcterBen Procter
lead robot illustrator on Transformers movie
Bruno Gore - NoXizMaDBruno Gore - NoXizMaD
mad french illustrator, concept artist and member of Massiveblack team
Chris ThunigChris Thunig
matte painter for Troy, Alien vs. Predator, Kingdom of Heaven
Christian Lorenz ScheurerChristian Lorenz Scheurer
AD, concept & matte painter for Animatrix & Matrix, Final Fantasy, Titanic, The 5th Element...
Christophe VacherChristophe Vacher
stunning classic and digital artist, worked on Disney animations like Treasure Planet
Christopher StoskiChristopher Stoski
digital matte artist, worked on StarWars Episode III, The Last Samurai
Craig Mullins - goodbrushCraig Mullins - goodbrush
one of the best digital artist on planet
Dan WheatonDan Wheaton
matte painter and concept artist at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM)
Deak Ferrand - Hatch FXDeak Ferrand - Hatch FX
matte painter for Hellboy, The Chronicles or Riddick, Van Helsing, Scorpion King
Dehong HeDehong He
chinese digital painter with some nice works
Don SeegmillerDon Seegmiller
traditional painter and digital artist
Dylan ColeDylan Cole
concept artist & matte painter for Avatar, I Robot, Lord of the Rings, Daredevil
Eric HansonEric Hanson
20 years experience with 3d graphics for film, graphics and architecture, also teaching advanced Maya classes
Francis TsaiFrancis Tsai
good digital artist, designer and comic book creator
FullScratch [フルスクラッチ]FullScratch [フルスクラッチ]
long ago I was really impressed by the style of this japanese artist, very bold and dynamic paintings
Gary TongeGary Tonge
fantastic digital artist focused on space art visions
Hyun Kyung Up - XcomicXHyun Kyung Up - XcomicX
strong korean illustrator, modeler, designer and animator, he did Magna Carta cinematics
Jae-Cheol Park [Paper Blue]Jae-Cheol Park [Paper Blue]
fantastic korean concept designer and painting machine!
James JeanJames Jean
artist and illustrator worked on many things with a stylized twist
James PaickJames Paick
conceptual artist and character designer for video game industry, also environment concept artist for NC Soft
Jamie BaxterJamie Baxter
matte painter for Dungeons & Dragons, Minority Report , Day After Tomorrow
Jason ChanJason Chan
promising concept artist at Massive Black
Jason JuanJason Juan
conceptual artist and character designer for Guild Wars game
Jason ManleyJason Manley
founder of and president of Massive Black Inc. he doesnt paint anymore but fed his studio with high-profile projects
Jean-Marie VivèsJean-Marie Vivès
matte painter for Amelie, Alien Resurrection etc. with very moody dark website
Jean-Sebastien RossbachJean-Sebastien Rossbach
french illustrator and conceptual artist, working on Merlin book with Aleksi
Jeremy CookJeremy Cook
matte painter and modeler at Industrial Light & Magic
John Wallin LibertoJohn Wallin Liberto
conceptual artist and digital painter, worked on BF 2142, Gears of War designs, also big aircraft fan
Jonathan BerubeJonathan Berube
digital matte painter & concept artist at Blizzard Entertainment
Julia Alekseeva - JulaxJulia Alekseeva - Julax
dark fantasy artist, seems to really fall in love with Drizzt dark elf
Jung-seung HongJung-seung Hong
creature modeling supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic, he actually modeled Davy Jones
Justin Cherry - NivbedJustin Cherry - Nivbed
wow... so dark and moody! Shadow of the Colossus conceptual designer
Justin SweetJustin Sweet
premiere fantasy artist and stunning digital painter
one of my favourite artists there is some real magic in his works
Kent MathesonKent Matheson
matte painter for Superman Returns, Matrix: Revolutions, Star Wars Episode II, Star gate
Kim Sung Jin - FACEZEROKim Sung Jin - FACEZERO
very powerful korean artist and illustrator with bold and strong style
L' a t e l i e r C h a t N o i rL' a t e l i e r C h a t N o i r
that japanese artist pays great attention to middeval armor in his works
Laurent Beauvallet - beetLaurent Beauvallet - beet
good concept artist and illustrator, worked on many games including Heavenly Sword as well as books, CCG etc.
Laurent Ben-MimounLaurent Ben-Mimoun
concept & matte painting for Lord of the Ring, Terminator 3, Final Fantasy
Leo HaoLeo Hao
russian digital artist and illustrator usually working on rock bands album covers (like Aria)
Leonid Enin - Leopard SnowLeonid Enin - Leopard Snow
concept artist with some mad speedpaint skills working in game development industry (Disciples3)
young russian talent, she has an amazing eye for color and values, I wonder how far she would go...
Mark SullivanMark Sullivan
concept & matte painter for Mission to Mars, The Phantom Menace, Fellowship of the Ring
Masahiro Ito - Nobu_hill siteMasahiro Ito - Nobu_hill site
japanese desinger and illustrator, mature paintings with twisted touch (adults only)
Mathieu RaynaultMathieu Raynault
matte painter for Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, StarWars Episode II, King Kong
Mayumi ShimokawaMayumi Shimokawa
digital matte artist for Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Halo 3 video game trailer and Transformers
Michael KomarkMichael Komark
very good book covers and collectable cards illustrator
Michael KutscheMichael Kutsche
an award-winning conceptual artist, illustrator and 3d artist, specializing in high end 3d look in his paintings
Norikatsu MiyoshiNorikatsu Miyoshi
great paintings from japanese artist
Oleg MatsokinOleg Matsokin
digital artist specializing in videogames, doing concepts and illos for clients like 1C, Astrum Online etc.
Olga Antonenko - CGpolisOlga Antonenko - CGpolis
her works varied from matte paintings to concept design
Paul YoullPaul Youll
science fiction and fantasy artist, well known for his popular Star Wars X-Wing jackets and Star Trek illustrations
Peter & Harrison EllenshawPeter & Harrison Ellenshaw
matte painting legends, worked with Walt Disney, Stanley Kubrick and George Lucas
Raphael LacosteRaphael Lacoste
concept artist, matte painter & art director on Prince of Persia and Assassin\'s Creed videogames; skilled in enviro, moods, composition and lighting
Richard BluffRichard Bluff
matte painter for Van Helsing, Hidalgo, Peter Pan, StarWars Episode III, Narnia
Richard MahonRichard Mahon
credits include Matrix Revolutions, Matrix Reloaded, Lord of the Rings,Final Fantasy
Roger KupelianRoger Kupelian
matte painter for The Lord of the rings
Roman Gunyavy (GURO)Roman Gunyavy (GURO)
art director and co-founder of Creoteam studio, concept designer and digital painter
Ron CrabbRon Crabb
artist, matte painter for X Men 2, Last Samurai, Matrix 3, The Chronicle of Riddick
Ryan ChurchRyan Church
digital artist and painter, created lots of visuals for StarWars prequels
Ryan DuncanRyan Duncan
credits include Night Elf from WoW cinematics, Guild Wars cinematic character modelling etc. cool guy eh?
Samwise DidierSamwise Didier
art director at Blizzard and big panda fan (also including Metzen, René of Twincruiser, Thammer and Raneman)
Sergey SkachkovSergey Skachkov
russian artist and conceptual painter, good work on landscapes and architecture
Seung Ho HenrikSeung Ho Henrik
concept artist and matte painter from Sweden
Shawn Ye ZhongyiShawn Ye Zhongyi
illustrator & concept designer from Singapore, featured in Expose and Spectrum series
Sousuke Koyama - GODSousuke Koyama - GOD
not sure about God title but some of his paintings are impressive, watercolor-like with some mature content
Srisuwan SkanSrisuwan Skan
artist and illustrator from Thailand with very original style
Stephan MartiniereStephan Martiniere
well known concept illustrator and visual design director
Steven Hägg-StåhlbergSteven Hägg-Ståhlberg
probably one of the most known aritsts in cg industry and fantastic 3d modeler
Svetlin VelinovSvetlin Velinov
iIllustrator and concept artist from Bulgaria with twisted look
Todd LockwoodTodd Lockwood
best known for his work on the popular role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, and for his covers for the books of R.A. Salvatore
artist & illustrator from Tokyo, doing mainly fantasy paintings
Viktor TitovViktor Titov
fantastic digital painter with really mad skills in lighting, mood and color... dont miss!
Vladimir BaksheevVladimir Baksheev
skillful digital artist and illustrator, pays great attention to historical details in his works
Vladimir BondarVladimir Bondar
russian artist & illustrator, painted many covers for various books published in Russia
Xiaoye Chen - WasssupXiaoye Chen - Wasssup
crazy conceptual guy and digital painter
Yanick Dusseault - DUSSOYanick Dusseault - DUSSO
concept & matte painter for The Lord of the rings, Pirates of caribbean... check his amazing personal stuff!
Zoltan Boros and Gabor SzikszaiZoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai
sci-fi and fantasy illustrators from Hungary worked on Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft cards

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