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Asian artists
nice work by japanese artist without any additional info
he isnt a human but alien hiding under the concept artist face, a real painting machine!
An jung sik - ZiroAn jung sik - Ziro
korean concept designer, illustrator, directed concept art team on SUN game by Webzen
Attic Work Space - RyojiAttic Work Space - Ryoji
well just take a look at these girls created by that japanese artist ^_~
B N D - 榎本 ( enomoto )B N D - 榎本 ( enomoto )
fluent work with forms and colors
great pin-up artist focused mainly on painting asian ladies
this guy did fantastic sprites for Ragnarok Online as well as personal paintings and 3d models
a girl from Korea with cute site and works mainly character concept design
Dean HoldeenDean Holdeen
stunning korean concept designer and illustrator
Dehong HeDehong He
chinese digital painter with some nice works
Dong-hwan Go [studio. DH]Dong-hwan Go [studio. DH]
korean designer and illustrator, great work on ZerA:Imperan Intrigue concept art
Eiji Kaneda [COLONYONE]Eiji Kaneda [COLONYONE]
very stylish works, sometimes dark and grim
illustrator and cg designer from Japan with nice fluent works
Fainted Sun (Jun-ichi Fujikawa)Fainted Sun (Jun-ichi Fujikawa)
amazing girls from japanese illustrator Jun-ichi, make sure to check his sketch blog!
Fantasy Carnival - 空想カーニバルFantasy Carnival - 空想カーニバル
fantastic japanese artist with increadible world featured in his paintings, very cute, warm and beautiful... must see!
FullScratch [フルスクラッチ]FullScratch [フルスクラッチ]
long ago I was really impressed by the style of this japanese artist, very bold and dynamic paintings
Gen Jun Miya - Suemi JunGen Jun Miya - Suemi Jun
fantastic traditional painter with very unusual look for moody characters
Hai PhanHai Phan
concept artist, 3d modeler and texture painter for Guild Wars series
Hajime SorayamaHajime Sorayama
Japanese illustrator best known for his stunning pin-ups, also created the initial design for the Sony AIBO
Han dae-hoon [Graphic Factory]Han dae-hoon [Graphic Factory]
graphic designer, 3d modeler and illustrator from Korea
Hanaharu Naruko 「自家用紙飛行機」Hanaharu Naruko 「自家用紙飛行機」
very bright and colorful works of japanese artist
Hirooka Masaki - B A C K F I R EHirooka Masaki - B A C K F I R E
worked with SEGA, KONAMI, Bandai, Wizards of the Coast... he is not a human but drawing machine!
Hiroshi Kaieda [スカルバイツ]Hiroshi Kaieda [スカルバイツ]
japanese artist with some twist in his works, make sure you are mature enough
Holy Abyss - leoHoly Abyss - leo
artist from japan, tons of various stuff in gallery & junk section
Hyun-hee Lee - DigieyesHyun-hee Lee - Digieyes
cool korean artist and 3d modeler doing mostly sci-fi stuff and girls
Hyung-Tae Kim [김형태]Hyung-Tae Kim [김형태]
Magna Carta character designer and just a stunning korean artist working in manhwa style
incise soulincise soul
japanese artist with great images of cute cgi girls, sometimes too ecchi sometimes too cute.
Inoue Naohisa - IBLARDInoue Naohisa - IBLARD
fantastic paintings and imagination from japanese fine artist, he inspired Hayao Miyazaki Mimi wo Sumaseba
worked in game development for 7 years, now doing illustration and amazing concepts
Jae-Cheol Park [Paper Blue]Jae-Cheol Park [Paper Blue]
fantastic korean concept designer and painting machine!
Jason JuanJason Juan
conceptual artist and character designer for Guild Wars game
Jo ChenJo Chen
she is one of my favourite artists, I learn a lot from her videogame and comic works
Jun TsukasaJun Tsukasa
japanese artist and videogame character designer, creating fantastic girls of various types!
JUNNY [じゅんにー]JUNNY [じゅんにー]
well the banner at left tells much more than words
Juno JeongJuno Jeong
korean illustrator and Lineage II character designer
one of my favourite artists there is some real magic in his works
Kai - ukitakumukiKai - ukitakumuki
art director at Imaginary Friends Studios with agressivly expressive style and look in his works
Kendrick Lim - KunkkaKendrick Lim - Kunkka
impressive conceptual artist from Singapore, member of Imaginary Friend studio
Kim Sung Jin - FACEZEROKim Sung Jin - FACEZERO
very powerful korean artist and illustrator with bold and strong style
Kogaratsu LairKogaratsu Lair
japanese artist with bold and vibrant style, he is also worked with Square on Final Fantasy
Konomi 90 Scramble(コノミ 90 スクランブル)Konomi 90 Scramble(コノミ 90 スクランブル)
hey look at these quties at left!
Kozaki Yusuke [KYMG]Kozaki Yusuke [KYMG]
japanese artist and master of pixels
KPLC - saka wakaKPLC - saka waka
another cool cg artist from Japan with some nice works
Kunihiko Tanaka - NETONEVISIONSKunihiko Tanaka - NETONEVISIONS
Japanese artist and character designer. He designed the characters for Xenogears and Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht
kyo - [クロイチゴ]kyo - [クロイチゴ]
very dynamic and fluent works from japanese artist
Kyoshi HaradaKyoshi Harada
japanese 3d modeler doing fantastic job on historically accurate cg planes... must see!
l o n g r a n g e b u l l e tl o n g r a n g e b u l l e t
Range Murata & Jun Tsukasa artwork resource containing artist information, works listings & samples
L' a t e l i e r C h a t N o i rL' a t e l i e r C h a t N o i r
that japanese artist pays great attention to middeval armor in his works
Last OrchestaLast Orchesta
some wonderful images (oekakibbs) with warm, beautiful colors
Lee Jo Yub - JOTOROLee Jo Yub - JOTORO
korean creature & mechanic concept designer, illustrator and figure modeler
Maaine Aachitect 『造船技師』Maaine Aachitect 『造船技師』
on that japanese site you will find some nice paintings
MAGGIs Harem [Jeong Won]MAGGIs Harem [Jeong Won]
great korean concept designer, good work on characters
Maki Michaux - Вишнёвая Бомба!Maki Michaux - Вишнёвая Бомба!
japanese artist with very cute style, if you\'re very sensible don\'t enter
Makoto KobayashiMakoto Kobayashi
fantastic japanese model maker and mechanical designer, worked on Last Exile, Venus Wars anime series
MANA [マナカッコワライ]MANA [マナカッコワライ]
once again nice artworks from Japan
korean artist and illustrator, great work on characters for Tantra and personal paintings
Masaharu 「まさはる」Masaharu 「まさはる」
japanese artist with simple but very attractive images filled with bright and vivid imagination
Masahiro Ito - Nobu_hill siteMasahiro Ito - Nobu_hill site
japanese desinger and illustrator, mature paintings with twisted touch (adults only)
Midori Yokogiri - LOCI PLANETSMidori Yokogiri - LOCI PLANETS
bright and colorful works of japanese artist
Mitumasa YoshizawaMitumasa Yoshizawa
fantastic japanese sculptor - just look at his amazing girls!
Mosthika [日常恋画]Mosthika [日常恋画]
crazy pixel art and paintings from Japan
very cool japanese artist and illustrator worked with SEGA, CAPCOM, BANDAI and KONAMI
agasang is a cool korean painter & illustrator
Norikatsu MiyoshiNorikatsu Miyoshi
great paintings from japanese artist
very cute website of japanese artist
character designer and artist from game development, very cute works
very cool korean concept designer and digital painter
another talent from Japan with great bold works, I wish site navigation would be less complicated...
PEPE -kumura daisuke  [キムラダイスケ]PEPE -kumura daisuke [キムラダイスケ]
neat and clean layout design as well as soft, vibrant colors in works
monster and mechanical illustration from japanese artist kou1
Range Murata - PSEWEBRange Murata - PSEWEB
fantastic japanese artist and designer, modern fandom is influenced a lot by his works on Last Exile, Robot series etc.
Ruan JiaRuan Jia
fantastic digital painter and concept artist from China... amazing stuff really!
korean 3d master, stunning work on ZerA: Imperan Intrigue characters
Sana TakedaSana Takeda
painting nice things, make sure to check her works on RF Online videogame
Satoshi Igarashi - TOYBOXARTSSatoshi Igarashi - TOYBOXARTS
japanese artist & illustrator known for his imac girl, I owe him a lot for fantastic inspiration in my early cg days
Sayaka Kato - Anarchist JAPANSayaka Kato - Anarchist JAPAN
very bold graphics design
Senda Satoru - xianrenSenda Satoru - xianren
very good japanese illustrator, check his paintings for XanaduNext and Dimension-Zero
Shawn Ye ZhongyiShawn Ye Zhongyi
illustrator & concept designer from Singapore, featured in Expose and Spectrum series
Shigeo KoikeShigeo Koike
premier aviation illustrator from Japan, created many beautiful aircraft paintings, must see for all aircraft fans!
strong japanese illustrator, his works reminds me Katsuya Terada
another 18+ site from Japan with elfs, make sure you are ok with hentai genre
Sousuke Koyama - GODSousuke Koyama - GOD
not sure about God title but some of his paintings are impressive, watercolor-like with some mature content
Srisuwan SkanSrisuwan Skan
artist and illustrator from Thailand with very original style
Stanley Lau - ArtgermStanley Lau - Artgerm
creative director at Imaginary Friends Studios, quite a neat and clean style with good eye for futuristic girls outfit
Tae Young ChoiTae Young Choi
korean conceptual artist from Midway Games, good skills and bold imagination wins
Tatsuhiko Kanaoka - FalcoonTatsuhiko Kanaoka - Falcoon
japanese artist working for SNK Playmore, been involved in several iterations of The King of Fighters franchise
Terada KatsuyaTerada Katsuya
japanese illustrator and cartoonist, character designer for Blood: The Last Vampire, did some work for Iron Man and Hellboy comics
female korean concept designer, she is doing very cute stuff
Toshiaki Tokayama []Toshiaki Tokayama []
girls, robots and monsters from japanese illustrator
artist & illustrator from Tokyo, doing mainly fantasy paintings
UEDOG (上田虎治)UEDOG (上田虎治)
japanese site and blog filled with neat works
Ura-KandA - [ウラカンダ]Ura-KandA - [ウラカンダ]
dont look here if you are under 18 years! a website of japanese artist working in h- genre
wadarco [鉄腕ニトロ]wadarco [鉄腕ニトロ]
japanese artist, works featured in Robot, UltraJump Megamix, Gainax net
japanese character designer & artist, quite specific stuff but you can digg many ideas here
Witch 3DWitch 3D
this korean girl doing amazing dolls and cg models (look at Magna Carta gallery)
Wu ShuangWu Shuang
artist from China, painting stunning ladies (beware of slight nudity!) from various sources
Xia TaptaraXia Taptara
conceptual artist & 3d character artist for Guild Wars series
Yamato Yamamoto - SOYBEANYamato Yamamoto - SOYBEAN
original works and impressive designs from Japan
Yamato-Sonjin [鋭意創作中]Yamato-Sonjin [鋭意創作中]
not so many works but some looks neat and nice
Yasushi NirasawaYasushi Nirasawa
japanese character designer & manga artist, worked on Hellboy, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust designs
YI Lee - TatoomCityYI Lee - TatoomCity
tons of nice cg art from another korean talent
Yoshio Sugiura [Junk Painting]Yoshio Sugiura [Junk Painting]
japanese artist and illustrator, worked with SEGA and NAMCO on some cool stuff
Yoshitaka AmanoYoshitaka Amano
well known japanese artist worked with Square on Final Fantasy series visual design
Young-sang Kim [Bronze Age]Young-sang Kim [Bronze Age]
aka DODOWA, cool korean concept designer from NC Soft (Aion)
Yuichi Maekawa [黒苺]Yuichi Maekawa [黒苺]
japanese artist and illustrator with some interesting stuff
Yuki Hayabusa - White RabbitYuki Hayabusa - White Rabbit
cool site & works from female japanese artist working in fantasy and rpg field
Yukito Kishiro - Yuki TopiaYukito Kishiro - Yuki Topia
a website of japanese artist, creator of popular GUNNM manga aka Battle Angel Alita
山下しゅんや [RICK-O-SOUND]山下しゅんや [RICK-O-SOUND]
japanese artist and designer Shunya Yamashita doing fantastic girls of all types
芳住 和之HP -Title Undecidedness-芳住 和之HP -Title Undecidedness-
japanese artist with nice character design and paintings

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