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Russian artists
Alexander RekunenkoAlexander Rekunenko
great russian painter with mysterial art based on Mahatmas teachings, The Bible and mythological sources of ancient Greece and Orient, mainly the Indian source
Alexey KuznetsovAlexey Kuznetsov
3d character artist with stunning skills including realtime model making
Andrey Maximov - AndeadAndrey Maximov - Andead
this guy have a real passion for space and sci-fi, he also like visualizing vast fantasy realms
Anry NemoAnry Nemo
well known russian digital artist and illustrator, now working in his own game studio .dat
Arseniy Chebynkin - ArsXCArseniy Chebynkin - ArsXC
this russian guy have an amazing 3d modeling skills and good eye for details
Dashi NamdakovDashi Namdakov
fantastic buryat sculptor, goldsmith and artist... you have to see his works in person!
Dmitriy Kuznetsov (Daemon3d)Dmitriy Kuznetsov (Daemon3d)
hi and low poly 3d modeler with strong skills including next-gen stuff
Dmitry Popov - JET ARTSDmitry Popov - JET ARTS
russian concept artist with amazing OpenCanvas skills, influenced by Hayao Miyazaki works
Eugene FokinEugene Fokin
great 3d character artist, worked on TimeShift videogame
Evgeny GusevEvgeny Gusev
modern russian comic book artist and illustrator
Henry Pashkov - StrannikHenry Pashkov - Strannik
3d modeler and designer from Russia with great passion for sci-fi vehicles
Julia Alekseeva - JulaxJulia Alekseeva - Julax
dark fantasy artist, seems to really fall in love with Drizzt dark elf
Kseniya Dmitrieva - PinkLandKseniya Dmitrieva - PinkLand
young russian artist & illustrator with very smooth style, vibrant colors and shapes
Leo HaoLeo Hao
russian digital artist and illustrator usually working on rock bands album covers (like Aria)
Leonid Enin - Leopard SnowLeonid Enin - Leopard Snow
concept artist with some mad speedpaint skills working in game development industry (Disciples3)
Liuba Zelinskaya - Art For JoyLiuba Zelinskaya - Art For Joy
young and passionate artist from Moldova with very bright imagination
young russian talent, she has an amazing eye for color and values, I wonder how far she would go...
Mariya Trepalina - KetkaMariya Trepalina - Ketka
just a wonderful red lady and digital painter from Russia, very patient in her fantasy oriented works
Maxim VerehinMaxim Verehin
is a young artist with passion in concept art, creature design and all that gritty stuff
Michael LevinMichael Levin
skilled in hard surface 3d modeling, make sure to check his personal works (3D computer graphics section)
russian artist & illustrator armed with watercolors, airbrush and great passion for cats! she inspired me a lot
Nikolay YeliseyevNikolay Yeliseyev
russian artist, ceramist, illustrator and concept designer, works really nice in futuristic theme
Oleg MatsokinOleg Matsokin
digital artist specializing in videogames, doing concepts and illos for clients like 1C, Astrum Online etc.
Olga Antonenko - CGpolisOlga Antonenko - CGpolis
her works varied from matte paintings to concept design
Roman Gunyavy (GURO)Roman Gunyavy (GURO)
art director and co-founder of Creoteam studio, concept designer and digital painter
Roman KochnevRoman Kochnev
great sci-fi concept artist and designer, very unique eye for visual style
Roman SurjenkoRoman Surjenko
russian artist and illustrator, in comics prefer to work in realistic european style
Sergey KondratovichSergey Kondratovich
concept artist with wide range of works from futuristic machines to fantasy ladies
Sergey SkachkovSergey Skachkov
russian artist and conceptual painter, good work on landscapes and architecture
Taras SkorobruhTaras Skorobruh
great character artist with very strong 3d modeling and digital sculpting skills
Timur MutsaevTimur Mutsaev
just a fantastic concept artist! check his work for Crysis
Vadim MakarenkoVadim Makarenko
creating really nice ingame and hipoly 3d characters as well as game models... good stuff!
Valery PlaksinValery Plaksin
he is a real monster in 3d techical modelling armed with stunning imagination as well
Viktor TitovViktor Titov
fantastic digital painter with really mad skills in lighting, mood and color... dont miss!
Vladimir BaksheevVladimir Baksheev
skillful digital artist and illustrator, pays great attention to historical details in his works
Vladimir BondarVladimir Bondar
russian artist & illustrator, painted many covers for various books published in Russia
Vladimir PorojkovVladimir Porojkov
fantastic russian designer working at Toyota Europe Design Development center
Yuri KhokhlovYuri Khokhlov
neat concept designer for videogames and film

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